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Alex Cross CHAPTER 50 GRETCHEN LINDEL LAY curled up on her filthy mattress, scratching her head, staring at the plywood walls that imprisoned her, and wondering if her torture would ever end.
Coated in grime, her nightgown in tatters, Gretchen reeked, and her feet were cut and swollen. Her hair was tangled with burrs, leaves, and twigs. She couldn’t pick them out, no matter how hard she tried, and she hadn’t tried in days, at least since the last time they’d come for her.
How long had that been?
... Five days ago? Six?
She couldn’t tell, and in the end it didn’t matter.
I’m here until I’m not, Gretchen thought. It’s like I’m not even me already.
How bad can the last step be?
The big man in black, the one wearing the tinted paintball visor and carrying the knife, had come for her four times since her kidnapping. Each time it had been dusk when he’d untied her blindfold and she’d found herself in the woods.
There were two or three others there, all dressed similarly, all laughing at her when the big one said, “Run, now.

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The People Vs. Alex Cross
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