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MICHAELBut you will pipe her up and after you!
PIPER[flinging him the pipe from his belt]Do you fear this? Then keep it till I come. You bide!--The Other cannot.
PIPER The Rainbow, The Rainbow!-- [He runs madly up the hillside, and away. ] Curtain ACT III SCENE: The same, later. BARBARA lies motionless, stillsleeping. --MICHAEL, sitting on the bank opposite, fingersthe pipe with awe and wistfulness. He blows softly upon it;then looks at the girl hopefully. She does not stir.
Enter t
...he PIPER, from the hills at back. He carries a pair ofwater-jars slung over his shoulders, and seems to be in high feather.
PIPER[singing]Out of your cage, Come out of your cageAnd take your soul on a pilgrimage!Pease in your shoes, an if you must!--But out and away, before you're dust: Scribe and Stay-at-home, Saint and Sage, Out of your cage, Out of your cage!--[He feigns to be terror-struck at sight of the pipein Michael's hands]Ho, help! Good Michael, Michael, loose the charm!Michael, have mercy!

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The Piper
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