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The Poets Mystery a Novel
Antonio Fogazzaro
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mad ! mad ! " " No, dear Signore ! " I said, with a certain indignation in my tone. " I am not at all mad. " " What do you mean then ? " he retorted irately. "Did you not say a few moments ago that Signorina Yves repulses you ? and now you bring out that she loves you ! " " Excuse me, " I said, after a short pause. " The confession I owed you I have now made. Only with a friend would I wish to explain myself further, and I think you will say that henceforth friendship is impossible between us. ...I can well understand this, and shall in any case always conserve a great esteem and sympathy for you, and if you were disposed to listen to me in a friendly spirit for a last time I paused but he was silent, and when a few moments had passed I rose with a gesture of resignation ; he also rose and took up his hat and stick.
" I thank you all the same, " I said, i;o THE POET'S MYSTERY as we approached the door, " for having come. " He stopped and looked me straight in the eyes, appearing to scrutinise me to the very depths of my soul ; then throwing hat and stick on the table, he stretched out his arms impulsively and exclaimed : " Say on !

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The Poets Mystery a Novel
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