The Princess Virginia

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The Princess Virginia
Williamson Alice Muriel
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"But you sent for me--" "Don't tell me you supposed I sent for you because I wantedconsolation or condolence?" "No-o, " laughed Egon, uneasily. "I fancied there was some other morepressing reason. But I'm bound in common courtesy to take yoursincerity for granted until you undeceive me. " "Hang common courtesy between you and me, " returned the Bear. "I'venothing to conceal. I sent for you to tell me what mischief thatwitch-cat Mechtilde von Lyndal is plotting. You're on the spot. Trustyou for ...seeing everything that goes on--the one thing I would trustyou to do. " "Thanks, " said Egon.
"Don't thank me yet, however grateful you may be. But I don't mindhinting that it won't be the worse for you, if for once you've usedthose fine eyes of yours to some useful purpose. " Egon was genuinely astonished at this turn of the conversation, as hehad been carefully arming himself against a personal attack from anyone of several directions. He sat pointing the sharp ends of hismustache, one after the other, and trying to remember some strikingincident with which to adorn a more or less accurate narrative.

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The Princess Virginia
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