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But I don’t see myself playing the role of a kept man even at the feet of the Venus of Jerez.’ ‘I don’t like the thought of you living on the streets, Fermín. It’s dangerous. You can stay here as long as you like.’ Fermín looked around him.
‘I know this isn’t the Hotel Colón, but I have a camp bed in the back there, I don’t snore and, quite frankly, I could use the company.’ ‘Don’t you have a girlfriend?’ ‘My fiancée was the daughter of the founding partner in the firm from which Valls and comp
...any managed to get me fired.’ ‘You’re paying dearly for this Martín business. A vow of poverty and chastity.’ Brians smiled.
‘Give me a lost cause and you’ll make me happy.’ ‘That makes two of us. All right then, I’ll take you up on your generous offer. But only if you allow me to help and contribute. I can clean, tidy up, type, cook and offer you advice as well as investigative and security services. And if, in a moment of weakness, you find yourself in a tight spot and need to unwind a bit, I’m sure that through my friend Rociíto I can provide you with professional services that will leave you as good as new: when you’re young and tender you have to watch out for a build-up of seminal fluids going to your head, or you could make matters worse.’ Brians shook his hand.

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The Prisoner of Heaven
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