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Shedid not speak again until they were passing the Thurman fence where itran up into the mouth of the canyon. A few horses were grazing there, the sun striking their sides with the sheen of satin. They staredcuriously at the little procession, snorted and started to run, headsand tails held high. But one wheeled suddenly and came galloping towardthem, stopped when he was quite close, ducked and went thundering pastto the head of the field. Lorraine gave a sharp little scream and setdown the str...etcher with a lurch, staring after the horse wide-eyed, herface white.
"They do it for play, " Swan said reassuringly. "They don't hurt you. Thefence is between, and they don't hurt you anyway. " "That horse with the white face--I saw it--and when the man struck itwith his quirt it went past me, running like that and dragging--_oh-h_!"She leaned against the bluff side, her face covered with her two palms.
Swan glanced down at Brit, saw that his eyes were closed, ducked hishead from under the looped rope and went to Lorraine.

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