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Old Blue struggled madly to goforward, gaining a little but at each effort sinking deeper into thesand. Carolyn June tried to encourage him with words: "Come on, come on! Good Little Horse--you can make it! Keeptrying--that's it--now!--you're doing it! Brave Old Blue--don't giveup--don't give up, Boy!" she pleaded, pity for the horse causing heralmost to forget her own terrible peril.
It was useless.
Twenty-five feet from safety Old Blue's front quarters went down untilhis breast was against th
...e sand. The hind legs were buried to thestifles. He wallowed and floundered helplessly. His hoofs touchednothing solid on which to stand. He stretched his head forward, straining-to lift himself away from that horrible, clinging suction. Hisefforts only forced him down--down--always down!
Carolyn June's own feet were in the sand. She threw herself from thesaddle--as far to one side and ahead of the horse as she could. With herweight removed perhaps Old Blue could get out. Anyway it was death tostay on the horse.

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The Ramblin' Kid
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