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The Resurrection of Jesus V.20

Cover The Resurrection of Jesus V.20
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Mark (some, as Allen, favour ; others doubt or deny) ; and (2) whether the words, " Baptizing them into the name," etc., should be omitted (after Eusebius). Prof.
Lake says : " The balance of argument is in favour of the Eusebian text" (p. 88). Against this another sen- tence of his own may be quoted : " The text is found in all MSS. and versions " (p. 87).
2 1 Cor. xv. 7. 3 Ibid.
192 SIGNIFICANCE OF APPEARANCES relation with the Ascension. 1 A difficulty is found here in the fact that in his G
...ospel (chap, xxiv.) St.
Luke proceeds without break from Christ's first ap- pearance to " the eleven " to His last words about " the promise of the Father " and the Ascension at Bethany ; whereas in Acts i. he interposes " forty days " between the Resurrection and Ascension, and assumes appearances of Christ spread over the whole period. Not only Strauss, Keim, Weizsacker, etc., but also Meyer, and many other critics, em- phasize this " contradiction." It may reasonably be suspected, however, that " contradiction " oc- curring in books by the same writer, addressed to the same person, one of which is formally a continuation of the other, has its origin, less in fault of the author, than in the failure of the critics to do justice to his method.

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The Resurrection of Jesus V.20
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