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The Return And Other Poems

Cover The Return And Other Poems
The book The Return And Other Poems was written by author Here you can read free online of The Return And Other Poems book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is The Return And Other Poems a good or bad book?
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Yes, I threw the bomb.
Damn fool I know, But my God!
How I hate The guys that employ us !
Haven t I studied chemistry Two years ?
It s only required one, But I elected it, See!
I guess I know something About atoms and molecules Electrons and Qualitative analysis!
I guess I know Everything s reducible To centers of force And controllable By unchangeable laws!
I guess I know A thing or two!
Don t talk tome About miracles, or scripture, Or God!
... MANICURIST I clean, trim, And beautify Finger nails, All day long!
How does that appeal to you As a vocation?
Glistening pearls Set in pale rubies On tapering fingers Of milk white hands, Little hands Slim soft hands, Knowing no work.
Rugged, precise Square, well-kept nails Other nails Of languid ladies And colorless goops!
Queer I never clean any nails, Like mother s!
[35] THE RETURN THE INFLUENZA AT CORFOU, GREECE Here on this sunkissed sacred knoll, With the kindly gnarled and hoary olive trees Guarding us round, Serene Ben Ezras, watching in sympathy, As here we mourn, We gather once more To lay away our dead, To honor our friends Whose spirits have sped Out of the light Into the darkness Into the night And into the full pure light Of perfect day again.

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The Return And Other Poems
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