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V. 7. ) On the other hand, the leavened bread, like the mixed chalice, is held to represent the two Natures of our Lord. That either may lawfully have a symbolic meaning seems clear from the fact that both leavened and unleavened bread was offered with the peace- offering under the Law. (Levit. Vii. 11 13. ) 1 It should be added that the Eastern use of leavened bread differs wholly from ours. In the first place, leaven is used, not yeast; in the next, the bread is made expressly for the in little loaves, an entire one of which is used for every celebration.
LOW CELEBRATION. 121 309. While then we say with the Council of Florence that "the Body of Christ is truly consecrated in wheaten bread, whether with or without leaven ;" and with Theo- rian, a learned prelate of the Eastern Church, that " if the Divine power transforms the oblations into the Body and Blood of Christ, it is superfluous -to dispute whether they were of leavened bread or unleavened bread, of red or of white wine : or to pursue such curious and idle inquiries with respect to these tremendous mysteries ;" we would add, with the same Council, that it is more fitting that " every priest should consecrate according to the custom of his Church, be it Eastern or Western;" and that, if leavened bread be used, it is only reverent that it be specially made for the service of the altar, without admix- ture of foreign matter, and of such consistency as not to crumble, since, as St.

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The Ritual Reason Why
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