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His genial nose tilted up, and as overture to his good advice, show- ing aU his gums, he whispered : " What a pretty little Sister of St. Joseph you will make ! " Massawippa stirred, and with her dull-red blanket arranged a rest for her head against the balustrade.
"What do you think of meV he inquired.
After reticent pause of a length to embarrass a modest questioner, Massawippa admitted: THE WOOING OF JOUANEAUX. 149 " You are not so Mack and oily as La Monche." " Who is La Mouche ? " " He is father's adopted nephew." " Does he want to wed you ? " " He dare not name such a thing to me ! " " That is excellent," commended Jouaneaux. " You have the true spirit of a novice. You must never think of marriage with any man." He gloated upon her, his entire chest sighing.
The scandal of the situation, should any nun open the chapel door, was a danger which made this inter- view the most delightful sin of his life. But the two Sisters most given to Adgils had watched all the pre- vious night, and he counted upon nature's revenge to leave him unmolested.

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The Romance of Dollard
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