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A Frenchman might perhaps think it a hardship not to be permitted to draw the landscapes of his native land.
I have always been quite willing to obey any interdiction coming from the higher authorities. They had only to say, " Drawing from nature is not permitted to foreigners in France," and I was ready to go elsewhere.
They have, however, very carefully avoided any interdiction 204 The Saone.
of this kind, and they have taken equal care not to grant any explicit permission to draw. I therefor
...e still remain exposed to the penalty of a year's imprisonment with a fine of a thousand francs if I draw within "un rayon d'un myriametre autour d'une place forte, d'un poste, ou d'un etablissement militaire ou maritime a partir des ouvrages avances." 1 Now it so happens that all the river Sa6ne, from a point about two miles above Trevoux — in other words, all the most beautiful part of the Saone — is within a myriametre 2 either of the fort on the Mont d'Or, or of the forts on the outskirts of Lyons.

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The Saône; a Summer Voyage
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