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Most of the Kiesche’s crew was in front of them in the hold, which was fine with her; she felt no need to be the first of the freighter’s personnel to set foot on Corcyra. Steam and a nose-wrinkling whiff of ozone swirled in through the crack.There was a shriek and clang: the hatch had jammed. Only a hand’s breadth of air was visible between the upper edge and the coaming.“Hold one!” called Cory over the hatch speakers. “I’ll back it—”“Keep clear!” said Woetjans as her arm swept one of the a step sideways. Evans swung a bronze mallet with an ease that belied its twenty-pound weight, striking not the jammed piston but rather the plating to which the unit was bolted. The deck jumped under Adele’s soft-soled boots.“Try it now!” Woetjans shouted through the open bridge hatch. The piston shuddered, then resumed pushing the hatch downward—but more smoothly than before it had jammed.The bosun had clearly moved the rigger aside because she knew that Evans wouldn’t think to be sure no one was behind him when he brought the mallet around in a roundhouse swing.

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The Sea Without a Shore
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