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Frost and Rizzoli were in the front seat, Maura in the back.
“Let me talk to him first,” said Maura.
“It’d be better if you stayed right here, Doc,” said Frost. “We don’t know how he’ll react.”
“He’ll be less likely to resist if I speak to him.”
“But if he’s armed—”
“He won’t hurt me,” said Maura. “And I don’t want you to hurt him, is that clear? You aren’t arresting him.”
“What if he decides he doesn’t want to come?”
“He’ll come.” She pushed open the car door. “Just let me handle it.”
They took
... the elevator to the fourth floor, sharing the ride with a young couple who probably wondered about the grim trio standing beside them. Flanked by Rizzoli and Frost, Maura knocked on the door to room 426.
A moment passed.
She was about to knock again when the door finally swung open and Victor stood looking at her. His eyes were tired, his expression infinitely sad.
“I wondered what you’d decide,” he said. “I was starting to hope that .

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The Sinner
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