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Prendergast reminded him that there was an offer of £3,500 on the table for his properties in Broad Street, which, Prendergast pointed out, would still show him a profit of £600.
“What about the thirty thousand I was promised?” Hugo shouted down the phone.
“That offer is also still on the table, Sir Hugo, but it remains subject to your purchasing Mrs. Clifton’s freehold.”
“Offer her a thousand,” he barked.
“As you wish, Sir Hugo.”
Hugo slammed the phone down and wondered what else could go wron
...g. The phone rang again.
* * * Hugo was hidden away in a corner alcove of the Railway Arms, a hotel he’d never frequented before, and never would again. He nervously checked his watch every few minutes, while he waited for Mitchell to arrive.
The private detective joined him at 11:34 a.m., only minutes after the Paddington express had pulled into Temple Meads station. Mitchell slipped into the chair opposite his only client, although he hadn’t received any remuneration for several months.

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The Sins of the Father
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User Reviews:

Guest 5 years ago

I thought the book was very good until the ending. Too drawn out and boring!

Guest 4 years ago

The story was pretty interesting and really well written. Sort of a page turner book, however I was not expecting it to finish just like that. If the site does post its continuation I would appreciate that because I felt really disappointed the way the book was over.

Guest 5 years ago

the book kept me up for two nights. it is beautifully written.

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