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When he came into a town, he went about all day tacking upposters announcing his concert in the evening. Before the concert, hestood at the door taking in the admission money until his audience hadarrived, and then he went on the platform and played. It was a lazy, hand-to-mouth existence, and Thomas said he must have got to like thateasy way of living and the relaxing Southern atmosphere. At any rate, when he got back to New York in the fall, he was rather torpid; perhapshe had been growing to...o fast. From this adolescent drowsiness the ladwas awakened by two voices, by two women who sang in New York in1851, --Jenny Lind and Henrietta Sontag. They were the first greatartists he had ever heard, and he never forgot his debt to them.
As he said, "It was not voice and execution alone. There was a greatnessabout them. They were great women, great artists. They opened a newworld to me. " Night after night he went to hear them, striving toreproduce the quality of their tone upon his violin. From that time hisidea about strings was completely changed, and on his violin he triedalways for the singing, vibrating tone, instead of the loud and somewhatharsh tone then prevalent among even the best German violinists.

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The Song of the Lark
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