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It was whispered that a very beautiful and interesting prima donna had once followed him halfway across Europe only to be compelled in the end to say to him, " You re a Parsifal. " Philip was well aware that he himself was no Parsifal, but neither was he a Klingsor. Why could he not interest himself in the ex citing phenomenon called Nagy Bosanska without getting into difficulties? Besides, had he any reason to flatter himself that the prima donna would be especially interested in him? Oh, yes,... he was a critic, to be sure, and the General had THE SOUL OF A TENOR 139 declared that so far as the guild was concerned all the prima donnas were vampires. But Philip was morally certain that no vampire could get anything from him. He was sure that he was unapproachable. His three gears experience had seemed so large to him ! Anyhow, he decided that he would go down to the opera house and listen to some of a rehearsal of " Manon Lescaut. " It was not at all likely that she would be there, of course, as she was not in the cast of Puccini s opera.

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The Soul of a Tenor
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