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    HOR. Harke, madame, how the birds record by night, For ioy that Bel-imperia sits in sight!
    BEL. No; Cupid counterfeits the nightingale, To frame sweet musick to Horatios tale.
    HOR. If Cupid sing, then Venus is not farre, -- I, thou art Venus, or some fairer starre!
    BEL. If I be Venus, thou must needs be Mars; And where Mars raigneth, there must needs be warres.
    HOR. Then thus begin our wars: put forth thy hand, That it may combat with my ruder hand.
    BEL. Set forth thy fo
...ot to try the push of mine.
    HOR. But, first, my lookes shall combat against thee.
    BEL. Then ward thy-selfe! I dart this kiss as thee.
    HOR. Thus I [return] the dart thou threwest at me!
    BEL. Nay then, to gaine the glory of the field, My twining armes shall yoake and make thee yeeld.

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The Spanish Tragedie
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