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The Store Boy
Alger Horatio
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I hope you haven't been flirting with any New Yorkladies, Mr. Barclay. " "The only lady I know in New York is at least fifty years old, "answered Ben, smiling.
"That is satisfactory, " answered Rose solemnly. "Then I won't bejealous. " "What can the letter be?" thought Ben. "I hope it contains goodnews. " He hurried to the post office in a fever of excitement.
CHAPTER XVIIWHAT THE LETTER CONTAINED "I hear there is a letter for me, Mr. Brown, " said Ben to thepostmaster, who was folding the even papers, of which he received aparcel from the city by the afternoon train.
"Yes, Ben, " answered the postmaster, smiling. "It appears to be froma lady in New York. You must have improved your time during yourrecent visit to the city. " "I made the acquaintance of one lady older than my mother, " answeredBen. "I didn't flirt with her any. " "At any rate, I should judge that she became interested in you or shewouldn't write. " "I hope she did, for she is very wealthy, " returned Ben.
The letter was placed in his hands, and he quickly tore it open.

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The Store Boy
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