The Story of Metlakahtla

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The Story of Metlakahtla
Henry S Henry Solomon Wellcome
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Duncan straightway succeeded in showing the Indians, their imprudence, and persuaded them to apologize, and return to Court. The magistrates took good care to keep the Bishop from again in- terfering and violating the rules of justice by acting both as plaintiff and adviser to the bench.
The trial resulted in the magistrates calling upon the accused, to enter, into their own recognisances to keep the peace, that, was all, but the Indians refused, offering rather to surrender their liberty, and kept in custody till their case could be heard in the Supreme Court before a Jury at Victoria. The magistrates declined to keep the Indians in custody and so nothing whatever was done.
The man-of-war departed, but the Indian agent remained to endeavor to bring the Indians under the Indian Act, and induce them to accept his ser- 228 THE STORY OF METLAKAHTLA.
vices as agent. Discussions between the agent and the Indians followed. They told him, that the Indian Act, was adapted to Indians while they were ignorant, and wild ; but was not suitable for Indians in their condition of enlightenment.

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The Story of Metlakahtla
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