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75 Cavelier with men from Lachine, arrived this morning, his young niece being with him. There are brave women in Montreal. " "That is right, that is right!" exclaimed the irritable merchant. " Call all the Cavelier family hither and give up the fortress. I heard the Abbe had ventured ahead of me. " " Monsieur le Ber, what can they do against the king and the governor? Both king and governor have dispossessed La Salle. I admitted him as any wayfarer. The Abbe Cavelier came with a grievance agai...nst his brother. He hath lost money by him the same as others. " " Thou shalt not be kept longer in the night air, " said Le Ber, with sudden tenderness to his daughter. " There is dampness within these walls to remind us of our drenchings in the rapids. " "We have fire in both upper and lower rooms of the officers' quarters, " said the commandant. They walked toward the long dwelling, their shadows stretching and blending over the ground. " Where have you lodged these men ? " in- quired Le Ber.

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The Story of Tonty
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