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The Stronger Influence
F E Mills Florence Ethel Mills Young
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Soon she and her companion would be parted. It might be that she would never see him after that day. But she could not realize these things. She felt him beside her, heard his voice speaking The Stronger Influence 103 to her against the mountain wind which blew across them, saw the kindness in the keen eyes when he turned his head to look at her and mark her appreciation of some beauty along the route ; and she knew that he mattered to her tremen- dously ; that her feeling for him was a real an...d profoundly significant emotion, something which had sprung to life suddenly, which would go on growing in her heart after they had separated and gone their different ways.
This was the thing which had happened to her. She had looked for something to happen, but she had not dreamed it would be anything like this.
She fell to wondering how she would feel when they came to say good-bye, whether she would realize the parting and feel lonely, whether her face would betray her regret ? Whether he would see and understand ?

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The Stronger Influence
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