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The Sword Maker
Barr Robert
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At breakfast she met again the jovial Count Palatine, and her more soberguardian, who both complimented her on the results of her beauty rest, the one with great gallantry, the other with more reserve, as befitted aChurchman. The Archbishop seemed old and haggard in the morning light, and it was not difficult to guess that no beauty sleep had soothed hispillow. It wrung the girl's heart to look at him, and again she accusedherself for lack of all tact and discretion, wishing that her guardianto
...ok his disappointment more vengefully, setting her to some detestedtask that she might willingly perform.
The hospitable Count, eager that they should stop at least another nightunder his roof, pressed his invitation upon them, and the Archbishopgave a tacit consent.
"If the Countess is not too tired, " said Cologne, "I propose that sheaccompany me on a little journey I have in view farther up the river. Wewill return here in the evening. " "I should be delighted, " cried Hildegunde, "for all sense of fatigue hasbeen swept away by a most restful night.

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The Sword Maker
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