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A dozen cannon came into action, thentwenty, fifty, a hundred and more, and the earth trembled with themighty concussion.
Dick felt the surge of triumph. They had yet met no answering fire. Perhaps General Pope and not Colonel Winchester had been right afterall, and the Confederates were crushed. Awaiting them was only a rearguard which would flee at the first flash of the bayonets in the wood.
The great line marched steadily onward, and the cannon thundered androared over the heads of the men
...raking the wood with steel. Stillno reply. Surely the sixty thousand Union men would now march overeverything. They were driving in the swarms of skirmishers. Dick couldsee them retreating everywhere, in the wood over the hills and along anembankment.
Warner was on his right and Pennington on his left. Dick glanced at themand he saw the belief in speedy victory expressed on the faces of both. It seemed to him, too, that nothing could now stop the massivecolumns that Pope was sending forward against the thinned ranks of theConfederates.

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The Sword of Antietam
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