The Tales of Old Liverpool

Cover The Tales of Old Liverpool
The Tales of Old Liverpool
John P Eiffe
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" Oh, fie! oh, fie! Naughty words, naughty words, " reiterated Poll, looking down compla- cently at him.
"You should not call Mr. Harding a scoun- drel, sir, " said C'lara, drawing herself up and looking very pale.
"Oh, indeed, " observed he, repressing his ire for the moment, and throwing all the sarcasm he could into his words; " I must be circumspect in the language 1 use towards him, eh . '' I lifted him out of the gutter and made a decent man of him, 1o be sure ; I pitchforked him over the
... heads of his fellow clerks to a confidential position, sure enough; I did all I could to make an honoTirable and respectable man of him, more fool I ; but no, he could not altogether forget his 55 origin, and sneaked into the bosom of my family to tilch away my only child's affections. Oh ! I must be very careful what I say about this gentleman. But by heavens!" Here no longer able to contain himself, he struck the table fiercely with his hand, and poured forth a volley of the most uncomplimentary epithets on the devoted head of the unfortunate Mr.

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The Tales of Old Liverpool
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