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Summed up, the expres- sionist attempts to express his emotion through pic- „ torial means independent of the physical reality of the object pictured or its spiritual impression.
Obviously the effort to make a natural object or an abstract shape express a sensation which is not felt or suggested through it, but which is present in the artist has a most direct application to the scenic prob- lem. For upon the stage we must have either natural objects, such as a door, or abstract shapes, such as
...a wall, a platform, or a draped hanging; and in the theatre we have an audience which is to feel an emo- tion that is present not in the objects per se, but in the creative mind of the dramatist and through him in the mind of the actor and the artist. It is the busi- ness of the stage designer to express this emotion by shaping these objects upon the stage into significant forms. He must not and he cannot find an emotion in a door. He must paint or carve an emotion into it.
If he can paint or carve that emotion better through a triangular gap in a wall or through a series of dis- torted Gothic openings in a screen, then it is his busi- ness to paint or carve it so.

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The Theatre of Tomorrow
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