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The Theories of Chemistry

Cover The Theories of Chemistry
The Theories of Chemistry
Smith Edgar Fahs
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125.10 System 1.
Cane sugar: 342 System 2.
342.22 System 3.
339.60 THB THEORIBS OF CHEMISTRY. 59 The question is answered by these two examples. In this uncertainty as to what should be done, the German Chemical Society several years ago appointed a com- mittee to examine into the question of a proper standard.
That committee asked similar societies of other nations to unite with them in solving the problem. Three ques- tions were propounded. Two of them will be given here: 1. Shall 0» 16 be fi
...xed as the future standard for the calculation of atomic weights?
2. Shall the atomic weights be given with so many decimals, that the last figure is certain within half a unit or what other procedure shall be adopted?
The first question alone is of interest in this connection.
Forty-nine replies were received. Forty advocated the oxygen standard (0«=16); seven favored the hydrogen standard (H » 1), while two were undecided. This result was duly published and commented upon. The over- whdming vote for 0== 16 was hoped to be final — it has not been.

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The Theories of Chemistry
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