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M. A seat must be provided, and close to it water fit for bathing and drinking. [None is allowed to leave his seat during the service, and water is therefore provided for use if any priest faint or is thirsty. ] N. For the Uposatha these are said to be necessary ?
M. These four things must be attended to before the priests assemble to hold the Uposatha.
N. Consent and purity, Telling the season. The number of priests, Admonition, These the requisites For the Uposath.
" Consent and purity " ?
... It is necessary to ascertain the concurrence of those priests whose concurrence it is proper to obtain, and their freedom from ecclesiastical censure. To ascertain these points here is not necessary.
N. " Describing the season " ?
M. Of the three seasons, the cold season, etc. So much has passed, so much remains. Thus they describe the seasons. In our present system there are three seasons : the cold, the hot, and the rainy. In this cold season there are eight 78 THE WAY OF THE BUDDHA Uposathas (days of the new and of the full moon) ; of these eight, one has passed ; this is one ; six remain.

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The Way of the Buddha
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