The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman

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The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
Wells Herbert George
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They threw an appearance of order, of process, over a world of trade and employment and competition that had hitherto seemed too complex and mysterious for any understanding.
''You see," said Mr. Brumley — they had met that day in Kensington Gardens and they were sitting side by side upon green chairs near the frozen writ- ings of Physical Energy — "You see, if I may lecture a little, putting the thing as simply as possible, the world has been filling up new spaces ever since the discovery of A
...merica; all the period from then to about 1870, let us say, was a period of rapid increase 9f population in response to new opportunities of living and new fulnesses of life in every direction.
Digitized by VjOOQIC 376 THE WIFE OF SIR ISAAC HARMAN During that time, four hundred years of it roughly, there was a huge development of family life; to marry and rear a quite considerable family became the chief business of everybody, celibacy grew rare, monasteries and nunneries which had aboxmded vanished like things dissolving in a flood and even the priests became Protestant against celibacy and took unto themselves wives and had huge families.

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The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman
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