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He too rules out, not by argument, but by as- sumption, the soul, immortality, God. 73 74 THE H^ITNESS Oh DtXL^L Yet his repudiation of the scientific sub- stitute for rehgion is scathing and scornful — more scathing, more scornful, perhaps, than a follower of the Lord of Peace and Meekness would allow himself to express.
For the Positivists, and with them many others, mark a phase in the reaction from Christianity precisely the reverse of that marked by Spencer. While one school of agnostic th
...ought criticizes the definiteness of the Christian faith, another criticizes its mysticism. One school demands that religion exclude everything but the senti- ment of mystery ; another that it rule out mystery altogether, as the foe to light, and evolve its being from the contemplation of known fact.
In the recognition of the dark grandeur of Force there is no response to the human cry, no appeal for action or service. Be- cause it leaves the soul still empty its votaries are very limited. The great cur- rent of agnostic consciousness has set in THE RELIGION OE HUMANITY.

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The Witness of Denial
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