The Yellow Violin

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The Yellow Violin
Mary a Mary Andrews Denison
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She began to ruminate over sundry symptoms that had beset her lately, little twinges of rheumatism, a stab now and then of neuralgia, dread of coming grip, and the pic- tures that Aunt Hannah and her niece had drawn of her possible travels assumed new beauty. She had been tied to her household duties for twenty years and in all that time had taken very few vacations. Why should she not for once enjoy herself? Fainter and fainter grew her doubts, brighter and brighter the prospective pleasure. W...hen at last Aunt Han- nah had gathered the folds of her dress in conven- ient position for leaving, Fanny's joy knew no bounds. She kissed her aunt, and her pretty face was luminous, as she caught Anne by the shoulder. "I always do get what I want, " she said, with a gleeful little laugh. "I always do. Mamma is just 96 THE YELLOW VIOLIN about as pleased as I am, though she doesn't care much about my going. But, you know, mamma is always pleased if I am, and I can wind her round my little finger.

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The Yellow Violin
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