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Put back in the liquor, add the corn, cut fromthe cob, tomatoes, onion, and potatoes all chopped, salt and pepper totaste. Cook two hours. In winter this can be made by using canned cornand tomatoes.
=How to Corn Beef= A piece of fresh beef weighing seven or eight pounds is sufficient fora family of eight. Wash, clean and put it in an earthen dish, twenty-fourhours before cooking. Cover with cold water, and add a cup and ahalf of ice-cream salt. When ready to cook it, remove from the brineand w
...ash, placing it in cold water. Cook four hours.
=Corn Beef Hash= Corned BeefMilkPotatoesSalt and PepperLump of Butter Chop the meat fine, add the same bulk of potatoes or a little more. Putinto a saucepan or spider a lump of butter the size of an egg, and afew spoonfuls of milk or water. When bubbling, put in the meat andpotatoes, and a little salt and pepper, if you like. Stir for a while, then let it stand ten or fifteen minutes, until a crust is formed atthe bottom. Loosen from the pan with a cake-turner.

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Things Mother Used to Make
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