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I don’t give him time to make amends. I hit him with every ounce of force behind my fist and watch as he falls to the ground. I kneel and hit him again, this time for Lake. As soon as I pull my fist back to hit him again, Gavin jerks me off him, sending us both backward. Gavin has hold of both my arms from behind and is yelling for me to calm down. I yank my arms away from him and stand up, intent on getting Lake out of here, away from Javi. She’s probably beyond pissed at me right now, but the... feeling is pretty damn mutual.
    She’s sitting up, clutching her chest, attempting to take a breath. As much as I want to yell at her, I’m immediately overcome by worry when I realize she’s hurting. I just want to get her away from everyone. I take her hand and pull her up, then wrap my arm around her waist to help her walk.
    “I’m taking you home.”
    When we reach my car, I help her inside and shut her door, then walk around to my side of the car.

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This Girl
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User Reviews:

Guest 4 years ago

This was a good book I just found that it is missing something

Fariha Raisa 4 years ago

Amazing book but it's just took sweet for my taste
It started off and ended as a typical romantic movie

Guest 5 years ago

I loved this book!!!!!!

Guest 5 years ago

It good

Guest 6 years ago

Its too goooood

Guest 6 years ago

Yeah i love this

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