Three Crosses

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Three Crosses
Federigo Tozzi
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It had a false window and green shutters, and several patches of mortar on its walls stood out like large white splashes thrown on haphazard.
A lame postman passed them, his pipe down- turned in his mouth and his dilapidated bag slung across his shoulders. In his hand he held a handkerchief full of snails.
Chiarina and Lola grinned. Farther down they met two priests : one small and thick-set, the other tall and dry as an olive stone. The two girls laughed.
They went farther, and arrived at anot
...her house, which was buttressed up with brick reinforcements reaching to the roof. Its whole facade was yellow with lichen. Here the walls on either side of the road were crooked and bent, swollen and cracked, as if they were always on the point of collapsing.
Chiarina and Lola started to hum, but their voices were untrained and they could not keep time, so they found themselves continually breaking off and beginning afresh. Their thoughts were fixed on nothing particular, and their aunt presently interrupted them : " Don't walk too far ; you'll get so hot.

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Three Crosses
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Guest 6 years ago

This is not a western. Not one of my favorites by all means.

Guest 5 years ago

Kill niggaers

Guest 5 years ago

Well it is not about western
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