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Tolstoy His Life And Writings

Cover Tolstoy His Life And Writings
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. . . I hope you will love me though I be black. " He enjoyed the summer, but Turgenev, in a letter, alludes to Tolstoy's " mental sick- ness, " and the latter soon speaks of " living in (inner) fumes. " It was the decisive revolt of his religious and ascetic side, which though often asserting itself had, from the moralist's point of view, been kept under by Tolstoy's immense range of worldly activities. What had he not tried and tasted in the most vigorous years of his man- hood ? woman, love,... nature, sport, travel, education, military and official life, politics, literature, art, philosophy, farming, mar- riage and family life. The cup of life, filled up so often, was now becoming tasteless.
53 VI " MY CONFESSION " " MY RELIGION " THE last chapters of Anna Karenin, con- cerned with the hero Levin's " horror not so much of death as of life, without any knowledge of whence and why and how and what it was, " are autobiographical. The recurring spasms of spiritual fear and bewilderment that Tolstoy had constantly recorded in his Diary now attacked him (1876-9) with redoubled force and brought him near to suicide.

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Tolstoy His Life And Writings
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