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Cit. S. 164 ff. Und S. 63.
AETIOLOGY 117 imperceptible onset, it is generally difficult in practice to determine the date of infection in any considerable number of cases. Experience, however, teaches that in- fection does not readily occur, but usually only after prolonged contact with patients and the common use of beds and washing-utensils. Then one person after another is slowly infected. 1 Speaking generally, then, we can only claim a restricted and conditional contagiousness for Trachoma,
... not under- estimating the significance of individual predisposition. The second stage of the disease, as we have seen, is the most infectious.
The results of the older experiments on animals are so contradictory 2 that no reliable conclusions can be drawn from them as to pathogenicity. In most cases pus from blennorrhoea was employed for inoculation. As to recent experiments on animals, the author is only acquainted with successful results in rabbits. 3 It is said, however, that eye diseases are common in horses, oxen, sheep, and dogs on the Lower Nile.

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