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GREEN GRASSHOPPERS (LOCUSTID^E}. 159 Eu megalodon idee.
Amongst the most remarkable of the Locustidae are the species now forming the genus Eumegalodon, and the tribe Eumegalodonidse. The ovipositor is long and sabre-shaped ; the legs seem hardly in keeping with the heavy insect ; the thighs indicate its addiction to climb- ing rather than to leaping exclusively (see Fig. 26). It was Brongniart who changed the name Megalodon into Eumegalodon ; the genus Megalodon is placed by some naturalists a
...mong the curious Conocephalides.
P'IG. 27.
The Fable, WHAT measure could mete our indebtedness to Apuleius for his charming story one of the loveliest myths of later antiquity of the union of Cupid and Psyche ? Apuleius introduces it into a playful satire on the follies and vices of the day, consisting of an elaborate romance, the " Metamorphoses, " or " Golden Ass, " so called pro- bably from its affinity to the " Ass " of Lucian, the epithet " Golden " being added as a mark of admiration ; but 1 64 TRUE TALES OF THE INSECTS.

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True Tales of the Insects
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