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Mr. Tutt was very tired. . . .
"Let him sleep!" nodded Buddha, deftly con- veying to his wrinkled lips a delicate morsel of guy yemg dun. "Let him sleep ! He has earned his sleep. He has saved our face I" 99 Tutt and Mr. Tutt It was after midnight when Mr. Tutt, heavily laden with princely gifts of ivory and jade and boxes of priceless teas, emerged from the side door of the Shanghai and Hongkong American-Chinese Restaurant. The sky was brilliant with stars and the sidewalks of Doyers and Pell
...Streets were crowded with pedestrians. Near by a lantern- bedecked rubber-neck wagon was in process of un- loading its cargo of seekers after the curious and unwholesome. On either side of him walked Wong Get and Buddha. They had hardly reached the corner when five shots echoed in quick succes- sion above the noise of the traffic and the crowd turned with one accord and rushed in the direction from which he had just come.
Mr. Tutt, startled, stopped and looked back.
Courteously also stopped Wong Get and Buddha.

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Tutt And Mr. Tutt
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