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No. 3 is on the cable railway that creeps about 2, 000 feet upward to Monte. The capacity of the train is fifty persons and the fare is 62 l / 2 cents. The view from the top is worth at least sixty cents, and you may refresh yourself at a fine hotel.
You get thrill No. 4 on the way back, if you tobog- gan down "the Slide. " This is a narrow, winding street paved with small cobbles, and your vehicle is literally a surface car. It is a sled about the size of two soap-boxes and carries two or thre
...e persons. Ropes are attached in front on both sides, and two husky motormen coax it rapidly downhill. When its speed is retarded by friction, one of them produces a 52 TWICE AROUND THE WORLD bag of grease and lets the runner glide over it. Then you go lickety-split again. The speed record in Fun- chal is two miles in three minutes, but we were not in such a hurry. This kind of taxi costs about a dollar an hour.
Although Funchal is the third city of Portugal and has 50, 000 people (one-third of the population of Madeira), there is not much to see except the perpetual beauty of the place and the quaint life of its streets.

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Twice Around the World
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