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in too manyinstances proved their bane.
How little do some of these poor islanders comprehend when they lookaround them, that no inconsiderable part of their disasters originatein certain tea-party excitements, under the influence of whichbenevolent-looking gentlemen in white cravats solicit alms, and oldladies in spectacles, and young ladies in sober russet gowns, contributesixpences towards the creation of a fund, the object of which is toameliorate the spiritual condition of the Polynesians,
... but whose end hasalmost invariably been to accomplish their temporal destruction!
Let the savages be civilized, but civilize them with benefits, and notwith evils; and let heathenism be destroyed, but not by destroying theheathen. The Anglo-Saxon hive have extirpated Paganism from the greaterpart of the North American continent; but with it they have likewiseextirpated the greater portion of the Red race. Civilization isgradually sweeping from the earth the lingering vestiges of Paganism, and at the same time the shrinking forms of its unhappy worshippers.

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