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Deeper and more vivid grew the blush, while the cloudless sky, as if to mark the contrast, assumed that wonderfully delicate apple green which the early Italian masters so dearly loved to introduce into their backgrounds. Presently the pink grew deeper and deeper in intensity, and the whole towering Matterhorn-like giant began to stand out in the gloaming, dyed a rosy red that gleamed and shone with an unearthly brilliancy. I had seen it hundreds of times, but, instead of palling upon one, the ...wondrous beauty of the phenomenon claims one's admiration more and more. At last I remembered my friend at my side, and I gave him a dig which roused him with a start. He sat up rubbing his eyes. When he did look up, the sight seemed fairly to take his breath away. ' By Jove !' he exclaimed, as he gripped my arm, ' where am I ? What does this mean ? Is that mountain on fire, or am I dreaming?' And letting go of my arm, he jumped up and walked rapidly to 142 The Dolomites the other side of the col, where the world had already sunk into darkness, and one could see far down at one's feet in the dark valley the one solitary twinkling light of our lodge, the only human habitation in all that sea of mountains.

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