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Peter Cushing as Lorrimar Van Helsing. William Franklyn as Torrance. Michael Coles as Inspector Murray. Joanna Lumley as Jessica Van Helsing. Freddie Jones as Professor Keeley. Barbara Yu Ling as Chin Yang. Valerie Van Ost as Jane. Screenplay: Don Houghton. Director: Alan Gibson Synopsis Professor Lorrimar Van Helsing is called in to aid Scotland Yard and the British Secret service when it is revealed that Satanists are performing bizarre rites at an out-of-the-way country house protected by afg...han-clad bikers. Van Helsing recognizes an old friend, Professor Julian Keeley, as one of the members and pays him a visit. As they talk, Van Helsing discovers that Keeley is growing the bubonic plague in petri dishes. The professor is killed by the biker/storm troopers and Van Helsing is wounded in the forehead. Van Helsing’s daughter and a Scotland Yard detective investigate the house and find vampires in the cellar and snipers in the fields. A silver bullet is made and Van Helsing pays a visit to the D D Denham group of companies and discovers that the leader of the Satanists is none other than Count Dracula himself.

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