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" Uncle Nathan shook me warmly by the hand, andhoped to see me return soon, telling me also, with a comical look, totake good care of Aunt Lucinda on the journey, as she was _young_ andinexperienced, and not accustomed to travelling. "Nathan Adams, " repliedmy aunt, "if you must talk, do try sometimes and talk with a littlesense. " I was fearful of missing the train, so long was my aunt in givingdirections to the Widow Green, who had come to keep house during herabsence. Grandma allowed that th...ough the widow might not understand allthe ways of the house, with _her_ help they could get along tolerablywell for a few weeks. "Never fear, mother, " said Uncle Nathan. "There'llbe no one to scold while Lucinda's away, and we'll get along famously. Only I suppose we will be called to a startling account when therightful mistress of the house returns. " We soon took our places in thecarriage which awaited us, and, taking his place on the front seat, Uncle Nathan started the impatient horse into a swift trot towardFulton, where we were to meet the train which was to bear us to Elmwood.

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Walter Harland
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