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War Prisoners Address
Darrow Clarence
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You never can find any question that everybody agrees on. They may say they agree, but they do not. There is always bound to be a difference of opinion among men on any subject; that comes from the different sized hats they wear and the different nervous systems they got from their great, great, great grandmother. This country had a large German ele- ment; it had a large Irish element, hostile to England, and a large Jewish element, hostile to Russia; it had people here from every country on ea...rth who were bound to be influenced more or less by their likes and dislikes of the various European countries at war. Then, we had people who did not believe in war in any way; who thought they were pacifists, but who still like to see their side win, although they would not admit it; there were people who honestly thought that the United States should not be in this war. Not strange; not at all strange. It would be strange if there were not tens of thou- sands of people in America who honestly hdld these opinions.

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War Prisoners Address
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