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Water in California
S T Sidney Twichell Harding
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As some of the potential dredging areas are also adapted to agriculture, there has been controversy over the dredging of such areas. In dredging, the material is re- versed in position and the surface-soil materials are replaced by the gravel and cobbles from the greater depths. The dredged material may be left in ir- regular piles, making cultivation impractical. Some dredged areas have been relevelled with trees planted in soil-filled pockets in the gravel. Some dredged land can be used for i...ndustrial and residential purposes. Such uses to date represent a small part of the areas which have been dredged.
From time to time efforts have been made to restrict dredging by legisla- tion. As dredging does not interfere with navigation, federal interests have not been involved and such legislation would be by state statute or county or- dinance. To date restrictive state legislation has not been passed. County or- dinances have been enacted in some counties; their constitutionality has not as yet been fully tested.

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Water in California
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