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West Wind Drift
Mccutcheon George Barr
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Landover to be an absolutely truthful, honourable man, I--" began Ruth, a little furrow between her eyebrows, "well, I might still believe a little in Mr. Percival. " "And what chance had poor Landover with that highwayman, or whatever heis, pointing a revolver at him through the porthole and threatening toblow his brains out if he did not throw up his hands and let Percivalalone?" Olga Obosky bandaged Percival's hand. She intercepted him on his way toDr. Cullen's cabin.
During the
... days and weeks that followed, Percival maintained anattitude of rigid but courteous aloofness. Only on occasions when it wasnecessary to consult with Ruth and her aunt on matters pertaining tothe "order of the day" did he relax in the slightest degree from theposition he had taken in regard to them.
In time, the captious Mrs. Spofford began to resent this studiedindifference. She detested him more than ever for not running true tothe form she had predicted; her apprehensiveness gave way to irritation.

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West Wind Drift
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