What Can a Man Believe

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What Can a Man Believe
Martin Zielonka
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Nor is such a statement a satisfactory one for the religion of today. If this is the order of the credos of modern belief then has man m:. De God in his own imagt and he believes as Barton says that "In- telligence is God. " Surely there is not found in such a statement the sanctions and urge for further en- deavor along these lines which he previously pointed out as the gifts of religion to the civilization of all times education, hospitals, orphan- ages and general recognition of our duty to ...the lowly. Surely that can- not be the "faith of the futture, " it would be a s f erile faith.
And before giving our answer as to "What Can a Man Believe, " let us note the strictures that he places upon the modern church. Whether they apply to the modern synagogue, I shall let yo.. Answer for yourselves. He says First "In one respect the church can learn honesty from busi- ness. " He makes this statement with reference to church statistics about which we heard so much a few months ago. I am under the impres- sion that it is the business of relig- ion to tea.

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What Can a Man Believe
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