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Where There's a Will ..
Rinehart Mary Roberts
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Miss Summers just walked across and looked down at her with a queer look on her face. I shut my eyes and waited for the crash, but nothing came, and when I opened them again there were the two women holding hands and Miss Sum- mers smiling a sort of crooked grin at Mr. Dick.
*T ought to be very angry with your husband," she said. "I — well, I never expected him to many without my being among those present. But since he has done it — ! Dick, you wretched boy, you took advantage of my being laid
...up with the mumps!" "Mumps!" Mrs. Dick said. "Why, he has just had them himself!" She looked aroimd the circle suspiciously, and every one of us looked as guilty as if he had been caught with the mumps concealed around him somewhere.
Digitized by VjOOQIC 300 WHERE THERE'S A WILL *1 didn't have real mumps/' Mr. Dick explained.
**It was only— er — a swelling." "You said it was mumps, and even now you hate pickles!" Mr. Pierce had edged over to Miss Summers and patted her shoulder.
"Be a good sport, Julia," he whispered.

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Where There's a Will ..
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