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Wild Geese
Theodore Howard Banks
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The touch of the caressing wind that brings A misty beauty to the budding spray After the passage of a thousand springs Shall give the glory that it gives to-day.
A time shall come when it shall not avail To wake the world to burgeoning anew, Yet shall the scent of blossoms never fail Nor young leaves lose the freshness of their hue.
For when with us delight no longer dwells, Then it shall pass to those great gulfs that lie Beyond the stars that stand like sentinels Around the little limits of
...our sky.
And other worlds shall rise beyond our ken When we are given to darkness and to cold, And there rejoicingly shall other men Cherish the loves and dream the dreams of old.
After the dawning, they shall know the noon And the sad splendor of the evening light, And sink at last to silence like a tune That throbbing dies to nothing in the night.
For countless stars beneath the great wind s breath Shall leap to life and wax and wane and die ; Infinite life shall turn again to death, And dark shall pass to dark eternally.

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Wild Geese
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