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"When did she die?" he continued, in a musing attitude.
"A long time ago--when you were away, " said she.
"I wasn't gone away long, was I?" he asked, with much simplicity.
"Oh, very long--we thought you were dead. " "He was a very bad Indian to steal me away without asking mother. Butwhere's father? Is he dead, too?" he continued, lifting his eyes andbeholding Roughgrove attired in a suit of velvet, and wearing broadsilver knee buckles. "Father! father!" he cried, eagerly clasping theold man in
... his arms.
"My poor boy, I will be your father still!" said Roughgrove.
"I know you will, " said the youth, "for you always loved me a greatdeal, and now that my poor mother's dead, I'm sure you will lovesister and me more than ever. " "Indeed I will, poor child! But you must not go back to the naughtysavages any more. " The youth gazed round in silence, and made no reply. He was evidentlyawakening to a consciousness of his condition. A frown of horrordarkened his brow as he contemplated the scenes of his wild abodeamong the Indians; and, when he contrasted his recent mode of lifewith the Elysian days of his childhood, now fresh in his memory, mingled emotions of regret, fear, and bliss seemed to be contending inhis bosom.

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Wild Western Scenes
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NEVER LOOK BACK is a novel by F. Eugene Barber. A women with grown children can no longer take the daily abuse of her husband--he has changed over the years. She ends up in a small farm valley in San Diego County. She meets someone she really likes--they are both in their late 40's...but love crosses all boundaries...age doesn't matter. A good read.

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